Prime Time Ministry

Rev. MArgaret Hanson

I believe our first goals are to be encouragers and prayer warriors. Scripture says that we are all called to “go and make disciples” (Matthew 28:19). Prime Timers may not be able to go as far or be able to do as much as we used to, however, we all have gifts and talents that we can still use to build the Kingdom. Two of my favorite Biblical examples of elderly believers are found in Luke 2:21-36. Simeon and Anna were both elderly and they both faithfully served God for years. Simeon and Anna were both in the Temple when Jesus was brought to be circumcised. Anna was a widow and was 84. Scripture says she worked in the Temple both day and night, fasting and praying. As Prime Timers, we can see ourselves as seasoned travelers within the Body of Christ. The greatest things that we, as Prime Timers can do is to be faithful to God and to be faithful in prayer and fasting for others. Our needs can be met through fellowship and gatherings, but we should also continue to minister to others. We are never too old to serve God or to minister to others.   

Rev. Margaret Hanson

Prime Time PAstor

Rev. Margaret believes that you are never too "old" to learn about Jesus. And she does an amazing job bringing the Word to the prime time age group in multiple ways. Get in touch with her to find out how you can get involved in this ministry specifically dedicated to those 55 and older!