Prayer Request

Whatever chapter of your life - whether struggling in school, starting a new family, or dealing with addiction, illness, or death - you are never alone at The Fellowship. Let us know what your challenges are and we will pray for you. If you wish, your prayer request will also be posted below, so the whole Church (not just our staff) may together lift up your prayer requests to the Lord. 

Please Pray!

Below are prayer requests that have been submitted by our congregants. Please pray for these people (and click the "hands" so they know that someone did)!


I was at the Asbury revival the final 2 days. The Lord re-awakened a long-lost dream. I’ve had a dream of being a missionary in the 10-40 window side-by-side with my Chinese brothers and sisters. The Lord connected me to a Chinese missions agency that is going to the Kurds in Turkey. I grew up in Hong Kong and China as an MK. Before I can join them, I need the Holy Spirit to breathe His Acts 2 resurrection power into my Mandarin and Cantonese skills! Pray for complete restoration of my language abilities—for absolute fluency in reading and writing, and in speaking and listening. Pray for wisdom, guidance and commitment from the Lord to fully learn these languages. If I need to move to where I’m in a Chinese community with total immersion into a Chinese Christian host family, and a Chinese job, pray that God will direct me.


Pray to heal Viola Cleo Bradshaw nasal cavity as it is desperate needs due to brokenness emotional trauma grief lonliness and loss and heal her hair growth make it longer and stronger and pray she have a good nights sleep, surround her with millions of angels, pray she have more contact with her son Elad, drive away the wilderness demon of suicide, lift up Magdalena Lovejoy free her from depression and pray she have hair growth and pray she not bottle up her emotions and have a good nights sleep, pray Maya Bradshaw contacts Cleo, lift up Cordelia Vogel.


I’ve recently read about the Asbury Revival in Wilmore, KY. We desperately need revival in America! Pray that if it’s real revival, that God will provide me with the money, the arrangements, and the time off to go spend many days at the revival. I’m struggling financially, and don’t know how I can go. Pray that God will more than provide for all my bills and expenses and enable me to go. I would like to go and do a water fast until the Lord brings breakthrough in a number of areas. Pray that the Lord will speak to me, deeply transform my life, deliver me from besetting sins, fill me with the Holy Spirit and call me to His service through the revival. Pray that through this revival I will experience the weight of His glory, God will set my cold heart on fire, and give me a broken, contrite, repentant spirit that trembles at His word. Thank you.


Be in prayer for our pastor's wife, Joanie, as she will be having brain surgery on January 30th to remove a tumor! We love her dearly and believe that God will heal her!


Please pray for my mom Lorraine’s salvation and pray for her healing. She lost her hearing, has memory loss, bad posture, body pain, and high blood pressure. Pray for excellent health. Pray for a long life for Lorraine.Pray for the removal of debt and financial blessings and financial security for Lorraine. Pray Lorraine’s possessions last a hundred times longer and will supernaturally become newer and repaired. Also, please pray for salvation and excellent health and long life for my uncle Seve,aunt Jackie and Pray salvation, healing and long life for my mom's boyfriend Joe who has cancer.. In the name of Jesus Yeshua Hamashiach Amen . ... Please Pray GOD Blesses me with a life partner real soon in JESUS Name. I've been praying for this since 1995