Consultation & screening

1) The consultation fee is $100 (for up to an hour). If it exceeds 1 hour, I will be charged a $100/hour rate.

2) Pre-payment fee of $100 is refundable ONLY if you give us at least 24 hours notice when you cancel or reschedule.

3) Without the pre-booking payment, no appointment will be scheduled.

4) Submitting this payment does not guarantee eligibility for the immigration benefit sought

5) Once the consultation has commenced, the fee is non-refundable.

6) By submitting this payment a representative-client relationship is not formed.


The agreement is entered between the “Immigration Center at Western Oaks and its representatives”, (hereinafter referred to ICWO) and the client(s)/prospective client(s).

1. SCOPE OF SERVICE: The client(s) has/have chosen to to retain the services of ICWO in the assistance, preparation, and legal representation with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and its agencies.


  • A)      Basic Fee: The client(s) is/are obligated to cover all application fees to the government*. In addition, the client(s) will pay ICWO the amount agreed upon for services rendered.

This fee must be paid fully upon signing this agreement. If full payment is not possible, an initial 50% is required with the remaining balance to be paid prior to mailing the petition to the government.

*Government fees are subject to increase without prior notice. These changes are beyond our control. The client(s) is responsible for paying any difference in cost.

  • B)     Additional Fees: In addition to the fees noted above, the ICWO may ask for additional documentation resulting in more fees*. These fees can be associated with extra copies ($25 per form), postal services beyond the initial application, translation of documents, etc.  We may charge additional legal fees and costs for the following work:

-          Requests for Evidence (RFE) from the U.S. government;

-          Unnecessary or repetitive communications from the client(s);

-          “Waivers” that go beyond our initial consultation;

-          Motions or appeals that go beyond the initial consultation;

-          Re-filings due to reasons beyond the control of this office;

-          Any USCIS interviews beyond the initial one ($100 per interview);

-          Filling out forms multiple times due to client’s failure to timely respond or technology errors (online filing or due to USCIS Form change) ($50 per form);

-          Additional briefs and/or research associated with a petition ($100 per hour).

  • *Prior to incurring any fees, the ICWO will advise the client(s) and receive approval from the client(s) for authorization of the same. 
  • C)     Rush Fee: Should the client(s) disclose facts that warrant the petition to be filed urgently, an additional rush fee of $500 will be charged. This fee has no bearing on USCIS processing time and the government handling of the client(s)’ case.
  • D)     Inactive Case Fees: Please note we are a nonprofit with limited space and resources and therefore, we cannot keep cases open and inactive.  The client(s) is/are responsible for providing all the necessary documents to prove the client(s) case. All required documentation is disclosed with the client(s) at the time of a consultation. If the client(s) has paid ICWO fees but failed to bring all the required documentation discussed within 60 days of signing this agreement, and ICWO fees have increased, the client(s) is/are responsible for paying the difference for the new fees.
  • E)      No Show Fees: In the event of missed consultations or follow-up appointments without prior notice, clients will be charged a new consultation fee.
  • F)      Cases requiring multiple steps/forms: The immigration process is a lengthy process that can take months or even years to complete. In light of possible changes in government forms and processes or changes in the economy, the client(s) is/are responsible for any increase in ICWO fees from the time of the consultation if the immigration benefit they're seeking requires multiple steps or forms.
  • G)     Refund and Cancellation: In case ICWO starts working on the client(s) application and the client(s) decides not to complete the process or if there is a conflict of interest arising from late/new information disclosure by the client(s) or any misrepresentation, the client(s) will still be billed for the services already provided at the rate of $100/hr.
  • ICWO commits to diligently handling the client(s)'s case in compliance with applicable law. However, the outcome of the case is beyond ICWO's control, and NO GUARANTEES CAN BE MADE regarding the granting of the requested benefit by the government. ICWO does guarantee that all requirements for the appropriate petition(s) are met and duly sent.

    • Regardless of the outcome of the case, fees for services already rendered are non-refundable. Any fees paid to the government are also non-refundable. Additionally, any bank charges on returned checks will be borne by the client(s). ICWO reserves the right to withdraw from the case or charge additional fees if more steps or petitions need to be filed due to new, undisclosed information.

  • 3. MISREPRESENTATION: Any and all information the client(s) provides to the ICWO is used in the filing of any and all petition(s) pertinent in the client(s) case. As noted in the 8 U.S. Code § 1182 (6)(C)(i) “Any alien who, by fraud or willfully misrepresenting a material fact, seeks to procure (or has sought to procure or has procured) a visa, other documentation, or admission into the United States or other benefit provided under this chapter is inadmissible.”  If the client(s) misrepresent him/herself and/or provide ICWO with fraudulent information/documents, charges can be filed against the client(s) by the U.S. Department of Justice. The ICWO is not liable for any consequences that ensue as a result of false information the client(s) provides in his/her case.

    4. MODIFICATIONS: This agreement is limited to the immigration service(s) noted above. If any modification is necessary, it must be in writing and signed by both the client(s) and ICWO.

    5. CONFIDENTIALITY & SECURITY: In light of the fact that immigration petitions contain sensitive and personal information, to ensure that the privacy of the case is secure, our office will not provide any information about the client(s) case to anyone. Should any third party need authorization regarding the client(s) case, it is the client(s)’s responsibility to provide the same to the third party. 

    Additionally, if virtual appointments and/or electronic communication with ICWO are conducted ICWO cannot guarantee the client(s)’ privacy or the security of any application or platform. The client(s) understands that he/she assumes the risk of a technology breach by participating in virtual meetings or sending documents to ICWO electronically.


    • A)     The ICWO agrees to keep the client(s) informed on any updates to his/her case. Should the client(s) require any further information pertinent to the case, the best way to communicate with the ICWO will be by contacting the handling representative or the office directly. Please allow 48 to 72 business hours after receiving the client(s)’ message for a prompt response. 
    • B)   Abandonment: If ICWO needs to contact the client(s) for any reason, we will attempt to reach the client(s) three times within one month.  If the client(s) fail to respond to our communication by the third attempt, the client(s)’ case will be considered abandoned, and we will withdraw from representing the client(s).

    7. MEETING IN PERSON: In order to provide the necessary immigration services pertinent to the client(s)’ case, an in person meeting must be scheduled in advance. Without a prior appointment, the ICWO will not be able to meet with the client(s) in person. Walk-ins without appointments that extend beyond 15 minutes will incur a consultation fee.

    8. MEDIA RELEASE: The ICWO takes pride in the dedication and accomplishments of its clients. In order to celebrate the achievements of obtaining legal permanent residency or citizenship, the ICWO takes photographs of said milestones. These photographs are shared within the Fellowship Church of the Nazarene and/or published in newspapers and our social media sites. Please advise if the client(s) authorize(s) the ICWO to take and publish the client(s)’ photograph.


    8. CONFLICT OF INTEREST: The client acknowledges that ICWO is obligated to represent the interests of all clients equally and fairly, in accordance with legal and ethical obligations. Should a conflict of interest arise between co-clients (such as married couples), or between the client and another client represented by ICWO, the client understands that ICWO may be compelled to withdraw representation from all conflicted parties. This may occur if information is revealed that indicates fraud, willful misrepresentation of a material fact, or any other situation that causes a conflict under the professional rules governing the practice of law.

    If such a conflict arises and ICWO is required to withdraw, the client agrees that ICWO may keep the fees for services already rendered, and the client will need to seek new representation. The client agrees that ICWO will have no further responsibilities in the client's case.    

    9. CHANGES IN INFORMATION: The client(s) must notify ICWO of any changes to their contact details (telephone, address, email) within 10 days.

    10. FORCE MAJEURE: ICWO is not liable for any failure to perform its obligations under this agreement due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to natural disasters, governmental actions, or similar events.